Sunday, October 26, 2008

Debate gleams candidates’ thought and competencies

By: AbuQisth
Formal debates between candidates for elected office, such as the U.S. presidential election debates, are common as manifestation to democracy practice . This is the way for the candidates to express their vision and mission to all members of the party in an intellectual manner. From the debate, peoples can evaluate both of candidates competencies in terms of their idealism, intellectualism and activism. Those so called trio ‘ism’ are vital for the sake of any parties survival. Thus, it is important for the members to know their future leaders so-called trio ’ism’ in order to get a clear picture of the future party’s direction.

Contesting any post of the party are related to rakyat interest. Vague in vision and mission will surely jeopardize the future of the next generation. In western context of elections, candidates’ thought and competencies will be compared at least in five areas which encompass economic growth especially with regards to jobs opportunity, inflation rate; governance reforms especially on education, health, environmental and energy policy; immigrant policy and its related to innovative human capital and foreign policy.

As a patriot, the issues that will brought up by the candidates should focus on party’s interest, goals and plans in order to regain the young voter’s confidence for the next general election.

It is the duty of all leaders today, to nurture such a healthy culture in order to educate their followers as well as Malaysian to adopt such an intellectual culture where the knowledge is uphold.

From the debates, peoples can grasp the idealism of party and eventually put their high respect and confidence to the leadership in steering the party and country for a better tomorrow.

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